Do you have the feeling that you have a depression? Or might there be someone close to you who shows symptoms of depression? Are you looking for a depression test to measure to what extent you might suffer from depression? Then you are in the right place. First of all we want to state that it is useful to know and to be able to recognize the symptoms of depression. The depression test namely gives you your depression score but also measures stress and anxiety, which can be linked to depression. This way you can clearly find your depression symptoms in the test and you can, before taking the test, also guess what you might have and what you do not.

Depression test? Symptoms of depression!

As you probably already know, depression is characterized by an overwhelming somber mood. This means that you can hardly laugh at fun things anymore. Your somber mood rules over your life. In the morning you hardly are able to get out of bed and you no longer have a life goal which you want to pursue. You no longer understand what the meaning of life is and you have crying fits more often. Furthermore you will notice that you start isolating yourself and that you often do not want to go along when your friends or family propose something to do. To have a depression, there must be a constant somber mood. This means that you feel somber during an extended period of time. Furthermore,it also often happens that people with a depression no longer take care of their hobbies. You no longer want to go outside or do anything, meaning that your hobbies, too, are something you do less and less.

Depression test? Treatment of depression

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in the treatment of depression. The program helps you in recognizing the symptoms of depression, discovering your sources of power, and using these sources in order to treat your depression.

Depression test? Take the depression test!

So if you want to know to what extent these symptoms are applicable to  you, you can take the free depression test here!