Depression is one of the most well-known mental problems worldwide. It reaches every part of the population and occurs in every culture. Depression symptoms occur at different levels and therefore require a different approach each time. Furthermore there also are different types of depression which each have different causes, namely environmental or genetic. In general we speak of a combination of the two causes when we speak of depression symptoms. What also is interesting, is the increased risk of depression symptoms if someone in your family suffers from depression symptoms. Does this mean that depression symptoms are hereditary? Or is there another reason why depression symptoms in your family could put you at a higher risk?

Depression symptoms and your family?

It is in fact so that there are certain genes which increase the risk of depression symptoms. That is why your family history and whether or not depression symptoms have occurred in your family say a lot about whether you have an increased risk. This of course does not mean that you will automatically suffer from depression symptoms. This is often one of the factors which makes it so that depression symptoms occur. In many types of depression symptoms genes even have less of an influence than the environment. It therefore is not useful to assume that you suffer from depression symptoms and that there is nothing you can do about it. Except for genes there also is another way in which your family influences you. Mainly the followers of one of the most well-know therapy types, namely the systematic therapy, speak of "black sheep", "myths" and "transgenerational conflicts" to show how familial dynamics, especially surrounding unsolved themes, can add to mental issues. Just like in the previous paragraph, it must be said that this does not go for everyone and that this does not change your ability to change something about your depression symptoms.

Depression symptoms treatment? Taking matters into your own hands!

Depression symptoms can be difficult to treat, as it often is difficult to take the step toward getting help. In many cases, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, sadness, and so on come up, which make it so that you do not find the help which you deserve. Furthermore you can also feel discouraged because you feel like you have no influence on your depression symptoms, but for example also because of the causes of your depression. Nothing is less true, however. Despite your depression symptoms you still remain in charge of your own life. You can choose to replace unhealthy habits which keep bringing your down with healthy habits which help you to find happiness in your life. This way you can build up a life, step by step, filled with healthy habits of your choice while reducing your psychological vulnerability. This is something with which 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you. 15 Minutes 4 me is an online self-help program, based on solution focused and cognitive behavioral techniques to help you to find out which healthy habits will help you to recover your happiness!

Depression symptoms? Take the test!

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