Are you looking for a depression test? Do you think you might be depressed? On the internet you can find many tests which measure your depression level or which say they can give you a depression diagnosis. Thanks to the growth on the internet, information is more easily accessible for everyone meaning you can often find an answer to your question. When it comes to depression test however, you should be careful with the interpretation of any such test. A depression test namely might not be validated, meaning it can give you wrongful results. The depression test might, for example, indicate that you have a depression, while another depression test says that this is not the case. Research in the psychological sector has spent years looking for a good and validated depression test. To give you an overview of what a good depression test is, we give some examples of well-known depression tests below, which can tell you whether or not you experience depression symptoms.

Depression test? The BDI?

The Beck Depression Inventory is likely the most well-known depression test in psychology. The BDI has been used for a very long time as a depression test, in order to indicate a depression in different populations. For example, you can use the BDI as depression test for psychiatric populations as well as for the general population, to just name a few. The BDI has been validated by several studies and is used to perform further research regarding depression. THis means that research has shown that, if you have a diagnosis depression at the hand of the depression test BDI, you really do have a diagnosis depression. Also, the test can be used in different populations.

Depression test? Why is validity so important?

Why is this so important? If one develops a depression test in psychology, it may happen that the depression symptoms are not measured accurately, or that an invalid depression diagnosis is given. Because of this, validity is useful. For example, imagine that you take a depression test and that this depression test says that you a depression. Later, you take another depression test, and it says that you do not have a depression. This can be very confusing. Which depression test should you then trust?

Depression test? The DASS-test?

The DASS-test is a well-known depression test which was validated at the hand of the BDI. This depression test does not only measure depression, but looks at anxiety and stress as well. THis depression test can tell you which depression symptoms you experience. This depression test you can take here for free. 15 Minutes 4 Me offers this depression test for free, to help you in your search for treatment and to encourage you to deal with your depression symptoms. At the hand of this validated test, you can then look for a treatment of depression which is suitable for you.

Depression test? Treatment depression at the hand of depression test?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps you to work on your depression symptoms for fifteen minutes every day. It helps you to treat your depression symptoms, by regularly re-taking the depression test and believing in your own capacities to treat your depression symptoms. 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed through a collaboration of doctors and psychologists, and was inspired by systematic solution focused techniques in order to help you to once again find your happiness!