Antidepressants? When it i useful to take them and when is it not? According to a recent article by the Gazet van Antwerpen, too much medication is being used, especially when it comes to depression. This means that antidepressants are prescribed too often. But because it is prescribed so often, does that not mean that it has a positive effect? In some cases, antidepressants can indeed be a useful tool or make it so that therapy has a better effect, but in many cases we are not helped by taking antidepressants. This article will describe when it can be useful to take antidepressants and when it is not in depression. It also recommends other options when it comes to treatment.

Antidepressants? When do they actually help you?

Antidepressants will, in many cases, be able to help people, but sometimes it is simply not necessary to take antidepressants. So, when is it not useful and when is it really necessary to take antidepressants? Antidepressants have a positive effect on genetic types of depression. This means that you have a biological vulnerability to developing depression. An example could be found in bipolar depression. It thus has to do with the cause of the depression.

Antidepressants? When do they not help?

Normal depression is much more common than genetic types of depression. WHat we mean with a normal depression is a depression which developed through major negative emotions or a major event which affected you a lot. In that case, the depression is often much more easy to treat with therapy, whether or not this takes a lot of time. Because the cause lies with the environment, a certain situation which occurred, it is also better to treat it by dealing with the situation. People who take antidepressants for this type of depression often notice that, when this situation occurs once again, their depression comes back because they have not learned to deal with the situation.

Antidepressants? How do I treat depression?

Except for medication, there are many different types of treatment when it comes to depression. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps you in the treatment of this depression and to reduce chances of this depression occurring again in the future. The program can be followed from home.

Antidepressants? Take the depression test?

To know to what extent you are at risk for depression, you can always fill out the free online depression test. This test will tell you what your level of depression is as soon as you are done!