This book will provide insight into how you can help yourself or a loved one in fifteen minutes per day. You will first learn to interpret the results from the free online stress meter.

Then we shortly explain how to break out of the vicious cycle by learning new future focused habits.

We explain which steps will help you to take matters into your own hands by investing fifteen minutes per day in yourself.

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For whom?

  • 1. Anyone who wants to know how to get rid of any kind of tension, burnout, anxiety, stress, addiction, or depression.
  • 2. Anyone who wants to know how to help a loved one, friend, or partner.
  • 3. Anyone who wants to know how to grow as a person (even if you are not stressed).
  • 4. Anyone who wants to know how to use and interpret the stress meter.


Pages: 41 pages

Info: E-book (printable pdf-file)

Language: Dutch and English

Size: A4

The author

Paul Koeck, MD, followed his childhood dream and passion to discover how you can help people to change so they can reach their goal: building up a happy and successful life, both privately and professionally. That is why he first studied medicine, philosophy, and sports medicine at the Catholic University Louvain, followed by an MBA at the Vlerick School for Management and several completed courses in, among others, cognitive solution focused therapy, systematic therapy and coaching, and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

With this, he started to help people in his private practice as a doctor and therapist on the one hand, and on the other hand by founding Coachteam where he helps corporate leaders to reach their professional goals.

He gave seminars and workshops at international congresses and at universities on 4 continents all over the world: from the United States and Argentina to Lithuania and India.

With the founding of '' he wanted to share his experience and knowledge by writing books and developing self-help programs.

Table of contents

Sound of mind in fifteen minutes per day!
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1   SOUND OF MIND IN FIFTEEN MINUTES! 3   YOUR STRESS METER 7   What does this stress meter measure? 7 How to use this stress meter? 9 Green light 9 Orange light 10 Red light 10 DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT … ? 12 Is all stress the same? 12 Yes, to some extent! 12 New insights in biology and genetics 12 No, not completely! 13 DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH … ? 14 Living the way you want to 14 Love for yourself 14 Love for others 15 HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT STRESS WITH JOY OF LIFE? 16 How does '' help me with this? 16 HOW IS A HABIT CREATED? 17 The three building blocks of a habit 17 DOES STRESS KEEP YOU FROM A HAPPY LIFE? 19 Developing solution focused habits 19 HOW DO YOU CHANGE A HABIT? 20 Three keys to happiness: thinking, doing, & feeling! 20 Thinking: 20 Doing: 21 Feeling: 21 WHAT DO YOU AIM FOR? 23 Psychology summarized 23 The three laws of 15Minutes4Me 23 1st law of 15Minutes4Me: 23 2nd law of 15Minutes4Me: 23 3rd law of 15Minutes4Me: 23 HOW DO WE HELP YOU? 24 Your formula to success 24 WHICH SOLUTIONS DO PARTICIPANTS FIND? 26 Good solutions are small simple things 26 WHO HELPS YOU ON YOUR WAY? 28 Your social support 28 You 28 Your family or friends 29 Your doctor 30 WHICH STEPS WILL YOU TAKE? 31 From solutions to relapse-free 31 1. What do I want? 31 2. What can I do? 31 3. Which small steps first? 32 4. How to keep going? 32 5. How to prevent relapse? 32 1bis. What do I want? 33 HOW DO YOU MEASURE DEVELOPMENT? 34 Your Stress meter 34 HOW DO YOU START? 35 Ready to start day and night: 24/7 35 THE ONLINE SELF-HELP PROGRAM 15MINUTES4ME.COM 37 THE AUTHOR 38 39 REFERENCES 40