How fatigued you are, is very subjective. There are different tests which check fatigue, but these, too, find it difficult to objectively measure your fatigue level. How do you put fatigue into categories? How do you decide on your fatigue level?

Estimating a fatigue level is just like estimating pain. One can deal with more pain than another. Yet, this does not make it so that less pain causes less suffering. Your fatigue level can be lower than that in other people, but you can still suffer from it just as much.

There are no biological tests, either, which can show you your exact fatigue level. While you physically are not really fatigued, it can be so that your psychological fatigue is very high. If you are looking for your fatigue level, it is useful to check both its forms. As sleep is important for both physical and psychological reparations, it is useful to check both types of fatigue.

How do I decide by subjective fatigue level?

You can check your fatigue level at the hand of symptoms and consequences. By mapping your symptoms, you show psychological suffering. Consequences are also an important source of information. If you are just about to develop a depression, this says a lot about your fatigue level.

Often, people do not link psychological symptoms to their fatigue level. For example, many people think that burnout is not linked to fatigue. On the contrary, your fatigue makes it even more difficult to get out of your burnout.

So, do you want to check out your fatigue level at the hand of your subjective symptom and consequence experience? Then take the free fatigue test here, which can tell you more about your symptoms and the consequences of your fatigue level!