I hear from many people with a depression that they did not find it easy to get help. First of all because it is difficult to know when you really have a depression. Secondly, because they doubted that depression treatment really was necessary. These people often get to hear: 'Everyone feels bad sometimes' or 'Be happy, it will pass'. This is good advice for people who are going through a rough time. Family and friends often want to support you during such a period of time, but when it comes to depression, people often do not know what to say. Especially when you are looking for a way to treat depression.

Depression treatment? Why is it a taboo?

Despite the fact that more and more psychologists graduate, many people do not find their way to depression treatment. Only very few people namely look for help to treat their depression. The rest will never look for any type of depression treatment, or only looks for it years later. At that time, they have often already experienced several depressions, and their symptoms are thus more difficult to treat in the short-term. But why is depression treatment still a taboo in our open western society? I, myself, have a diploma in the psychological sector, and when I ask my family what they think about psychology, I often get to hear the following:

Are you analyzing me right now? That is all nonsense. I do not have time for your psychological mumblings. Do you not need to be completely crazy to go to a psychologist?

These quotes all come from people who daily come into contact with someone who has a psychological diploma. So, try to imagine how difficult it is to get rid of such prejudice when you have never come into contact with a psychologist.

Depression treatment? Why is it so important?

Many people believe that you need to be crazy before going to a psychologist. This is the largest misunderstanding in existence. People go to a psychologist to, for example:

  • Process a divorce
  • To be able to respond in a more assertive way toward their boss
  • To know which girlfriend to pick
  • To talk about the loss of a loved one

The 'problems' above are situations which many normal people come across in their lives. Thus, you do not need to be 'crazy' to talk about what bothers you sometimes. Relapse in depression is very common. That is why it is useful to look for help and a way toward depression treatment as fast as you can. Your chance of getting a new depression namely increases quickly. Even if you do not have a depression, it cannot hurt to talk about a stressful situation sometimes and to get advice regarding this, which connects to your personal vision. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps people in taking the step toward mapping their depression symptoms and to formulate a plan of action, like one would with a psychologist.

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