You know how it is: all those different websites, which explain depression to you at the hand of difficult words. It is difficult to find a trustworthy site, which explains depression in a simple way. They either throw DSM-criteria at you, or it is explained in such a simple way that you doubt its scientific value. Are these websites to be trusted? 15 Minutes 4 Me is a website which is written and managed by doctors and psychologists. You can find scientific articles here, as well as simple articles. This way, we try to make depression, anxiety, and burnout accessible subjects. You can also take a free depression test here, which can tell you which symptoms of depression you might experience. Of course, our most important task in giving you information, is to see to it that this information is scientifically accurate. Just like the test, which has been scientifically tested, you can find information here, which comes from both therapy and psycho-education.

What is depression actually really about?

Many people think that depression is feeling sad. These people are right. When you are depressed, then you can no longer enjoy things which you used to enjoy. Something in your mind says: 'come on, you used to find that funny, laugh then.' Despite of that voice, laughing simply does not seem possible anymore. If this depression really revolves around a sad feeling, it should be easy to solve by creating fun in your life, right? You may try this, but it is likely not to work. The reason why people no longer laugh namely has a much deeper reason.

Depression: more than being sad!

Except for a sad feeling, depression is about other things as well. Here, we sum up several important elements, which someone with a depression generally experiences:

  • No hope anymore
  • You hate yourself
  • Isolation
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety

You should imagine that you feel all of these feelings at the same time. Exhausting, right?

Test and treat depression!

You have probably already seen the link above regarding our free depression test. This test can tell  you which depression symptoms you experience and what influence your depression has on your daily functioning. When it comes to treatment: often, a small step toward treatment in depression helps for depressions which were caused by environmental factors. Here, too, 15 Minutes 4 Me offers an option: the online self-help program. Just like the site, this was developed by doctors and psychologists, and it has the goal of guiding you on a daily basis in treating your depression. Because you are worth it!