I think that we all have experienced having a bad day sometimes. Or that we just do not feel good about ourselves. On average, women have such days more often than med. Some tips which I found are helpful when you are not feeling good about yourself, are:

  • Do something physical. The glow which your skin gets will make you feel beautiful.
  • Go get your hair cut. Nothing feels better than a new hairdo.
  • Do something nice for someone else. You will feel better yourself when you are done, too.

Sometimes, small things like the ones above can help you to feel better. However, not everything helps. You might, for example, have poor self-esteem. If you have not been thinking positively about yourself or have lacked confidence for some time, we can consider you to have poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is, in short, not believing in one's own capacities and abilities.

Poor self-esteem? What can poor self-esteem be a symptom of?

Poor self-esteem will not always lead to something problematic, but as psychological consultant I cannot describe a single situation where poor self-esteem helps you. It thus is always a good thing to treat your poor self-esteem and to get some confidence back. However, if your poor self-esteem persists or is present to a large extent, it might lead to mental problems. One of the most common examples is depression. Another example could be performance anxiety. In these disorders, you do not feel good about yourself and you lose a lot of self-confidence.

Poor self-esteem? What can I do about it?

What you can do to deal with poor self-esteem of course depends on the extent to which  you experience poor self-esteem. For example, you might sometimes just think that you have made a stupid decision. In extreme cases, it can be so that people with poor self-esteem start neglecting the body in which they live, because they hate themselves in some way. In that last case, as well as in the first, it is useful to treat your poor self-esteem. The online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you with this. You are nut supposed to learn sudden new capacities in order to feel better about yourself, but rather to learn to distance yourself from the hate and to learn to look at your own capacities in a new way. Many people sometimes forget what they can do themselves and how they can use these capacities to deal with eventual problems. With this we help you, so that you can once again believe in yourself and your own capacities. Nobody is perfect, so why would you have to be?

Poor self-esteem? Take the depression test!

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