Have you only just recently started teaching? This can be a large change for you to make, because it is different to study to become a teacher as compared to suddenly having to be in charge of a class. In every start you need to find what your way of working is and how you can eventually deal with difficult situations. Teachers have it even a little more difficult when it comes to this. They namely suddenly are in charge of a class full of children with different characters. This is not always easy. Read more here about how your start can be made easier and how you can deal with difficult situations and stress in the beginning.

Recently started teaching? Stress

If you have only recently started teaching, it can be so that you are confronted with different difficult situations. First off, you will namely discover what your way of teaching is and how you deal with children. You also suddenly have a lot of new colleagues, and you must integrate the school's way of teaching into your way of working. All of this can be very stressful. Furthermore, you do not only have the children to deal with, but you also have to get to know all parents, and those might also have different requirements. All of this together is much, and if you then also are looking for yourself in your work, it can all become very overwhelming. It also often happens that your boss or others have high expectations of your work. They, for example, expect you to make serious improvement right away, while you first need some time to adapt and to work with learning how to work.

Recently started teaching? Dealing with stress

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which can help you in dealing with stress at the start of your work. It can also help you to find your method and to balance expectations, so that it remains doable for you.

Recently started teaching? Take the stress test!

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