The development of an anxiety attack can have different reasons. An anxiety attack is a major experience of emotions regarding something which causes anxiety. Both anxiety and stress are at the basis of an anxiety attack. An anxiety attack does not just develop out of nowhere. There must be a lot of added anxiety as well as stress before an anxiety attack might be experienced. But what is it that causes the anxiety attack exactly? What makes it so that you suddenly experience an anxiety attack? Not everyone experiences an anxiety attack, so is that normal then? This article helps you to gain insight in what it is that can cause an anxiety attack, and it also helps you to discover what possible treatment might be for you.

Anxiety attack causes: the unreal anxiety?

To consider something to be an anxiety disorder, which can then lead to an anxiety attack, there must be an unreal anxiety present. What does that mean? This means that you experience a major emotional response to something which should not technically cause such a response. For example, failing a test. For you, good marks might be important, but it is not a question of life importance. You will not die if you do not get a good grade. maybe you do experience it like that, but you still are not in any physical danger. Unreal anxiety is thus having anxiety when it comes to something that is not life threatening.

Anxiety attack causes: why am I anxious?

A traumatic even can cause anxiety attack causes. Anxiety does not just develop. It always has an origin. You will thus, possibly without knowing about it, associate the thing which causes anxiety with something very negative. In this context, anxiety attack causes thus have psychological cause. Therefore, they can also be treated at the hand of therapy.

Anxiety attack causes: the treatment!

In treatment you learn to challenge the negative, traumatic thoughts which lie at the basis of your anxiety. This way, you learn that your anxiety is not supposed to exist, and how you can prevent anxiety attacks. 15 Minutes 4 Me forms one of the possible types of treatment. This program was developed by doctors and psychologists and helps you in treating your anxieties on a daily basis. Would you like to know which anxiety symptoms you experience? Then take the free anxiety test here!