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Doctors 4 doctors creation

Doctors 4 doctors (D4D) was started with the help of Eric Boydens, MD, with the mission of doctors helping doctors.

Doctors 4 doctors: self-care prevents burnout

Doctors are namely care provides who all too often gladly give help to other, in the process risking to forget themselves. We know that if people forget themselves for too long they can get ill or even risk a burnout. That is what doctors 4 doctors (D4D) wants to work on. Both preventively as well as curatively.

Doctors 4 doctors was developed by doctors for doctors

True to this mission, doctors 4 doctors (D4D) was developed by a team of doctors: Eric Boydens, MD, psychiatrist Andy De Wit, MD, Annelies Van Linden, MD, Marleen De Green, MD, and psychologist Kristien Daseleire.

Doctors 4 Doctors works together with partners

Doctors 4 doctors and the order of doctors

The order of doctors discusses with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) how they together can better support doctors. In the past, the order of doctors was seen as disciplinary body and this will still be an existing role, but the order also wants to enter a partnership with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) and play a preventive role.

Doctors 4 doctors cooperates with the 'Atypical Doctors' (AHA)

The atypical doctors are an organization of doctors without an own practice. They help by, for example, taking care of replacements if a doctor falls ill, is on pregnancy leave, or wants to go on vacation. The partnership with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) will make it so, among other things, that information about who can help out where will more smoothly be provided.

Doctors 4 doctors works together with Doctor in Need

Doctor in Need is an initiative of the Provincial Councel of the order of doctors in east Flanders. They, among other things, take care of a mediating doctor, if necessary. Doctors 4 Doctors (D4D) discusses with Doctor in Need how they can help and complement each other.

Doctors 4 doctors and Domus Medica

The doctors organization 'Domus medica' works on the scientific level together with doctors 4 doctors (D4D). Together they look at how they can support and increase the scientific basis of the mission of doctors 4 doctors.

Doctors 4 doctors and ECHTT

ECHTT (Expertise Center Doctors, Trajectories, and Teams) is a network of coaches who support doctors in their practice. The cooperation between ECHTT and doctors 4 doctors (D4D) can put the right coach in tough with the doctors who might need the contact.

Doctors 4 doctors and The Human Link

The Human Link gives courses in burnout guidance for doctors. Together with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) they organize this three-day course for doctors on a yearly basis.

Doctors 4 doctors and ICHO

Icho or interuniversitary center for doctor education was developed by different universities in order to provide the GP training. Doctors 4 doctors (D4D) works with ICHO to improve self-care in the future GP.

Doctors 4 doctors and the Federal Knowledge Center for Healthcare (KCE)

The KCE or Federal Knowledge Center for Healthcare works together with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) to do the first studies about needs, and worked on formulating 14 important guidelines.

Doctors 4 doctors and the RPSP

The French network RPSPS or Réseau Pluridisciplinaire du Suivi et Prévention de la Souffrance au travail intensively discusses with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) to share the best practices from the French part of the country with the Flemish initiatives.

Doctors 4 doctors and the Society for Psychosomatic Medicine

The Society voor psychosomatic medicine brings Flemish and Dutch help provides together for intervision and study days about psychosomatic healthcare, and regularly exhanges experiences and best practices with doctors 4 doctors (D4D)

Doctors 4 doctors and the Antwerp University

Scientific and educational exchange of experiences occurs in cooperation with Antwerp University and Doctors 4 Doctors (D4D).

Doctors 4 doctors and the self-care program 15 Minutes 4 Me

Self-care is an important pointer for Doctors 4 Doctors (D4D). That is why the online self-help program '15 Minutes 4 Me' is further refined and altered in cooperation with doctors 4 doctors (D4D) to fit the needs of both the doctor as well as their patient or family members. Paul Koeck, MD