You hear it more and more often. People are feeling tired and not sleeping well. However, fatigue often goes beyond a night of not sleeping well or feeling like you didn't perform well that day. Fatigue is often about an accumulation of a sleepless night, which on its turn can carry far-reaching consequences. For example, you may become gloomy, but even your memory and concentration can suffer from fatigue.

The why of fatigue?

Causes of fatigue can be very diverse. For example, some may sleep poorly because of pressure at work, while others have just gone through a move. Often, however, it has to do with a change in your pattern associated with increased stress levels. In fact, stress can cause us to lie awake in our beds longer. In addition, stress can also impair your performance and even affect our mood.

Tackle fatigue!

If you suffer from chronic or intensely acute fatigue, it may be helpful to seek professional help. This help can, for example, take you out of your daily routine for a while, allowing you to look at what exactly is going on with you from a distance. Moreover, by asking the right questions, you can gain more insight into what is energy depleting for you that you can do to live a healthier and happier life. is an online self-help program developed by doctors and psychologists. It helps you uncover daily from home "unhealthy habits" that lead to stress. In addition, the program goes step-by-step through what works for you to incorporate "healthy habits. These habits can then help you establish a healthier sleep and wake rhythm and respond to stressful situations in a healthy way.

Fatigue? Take the test!

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