We are all looking for life happiness. If you consult the Internet, you will find a rich source of information and quotes about life happiness that will give you in a few lines their vision of how to achieve life happiness. However, reality is not so simple. For example, "enjoying every moment" is easier said than done. Quickly your thoughts trickle down to what all you have left to do that day. Moreover, you often hear "live in the here and now. Yet, we are always looking for improvement, for more.

The mental peace that comes with happiness in life is easy to achieve, according to several sources. However, this often requires a drastic thought change and a lot of work.

Life happiness? What are the secrets?

The golden question. What are the secrets to life happiness? Like the amount of information regarding how to achieve life happiness, there are many different opinions on what exactly it is. However, most definitions boil down to being content with the here and now. This means "coming to terms" with yourself and no longer looking for "the next best thing.

However, this process is going to look different for different people. Not everyone is going to find their happiness by living at the beach or changing jobs. Often you need time and guidance to discover what really makes you happy.

Life happiness? A push in the right direction!

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