"15Minutes4Me.com" for your employees or clients?

Companies, organizations and employers can now offer "15Minutes4Me.com" their employees or customers as part of their stress prevention policy.

The online self-help program "15Minutes4Me.com" will help your employees both preventively to prevent or avoid stress or burnout, as well as a tool to help your employees cure faster from the vicious circle of stress, burn-out, fatigue, anxiety, hyperventilation or even depression.

Scientific research shows that participants who follow this program on a daily basis, have on average 56% less stress within 21 days. This means that more than half of the participants are within 21 days already asymptomatic and became again operational, both in their private lives and in their professional performance, even if the stress was already serious at the start.

As employer or organisation, you can purchase a bundle of activation codes for your employees or customers After purchase and payment, you will automatically receive your invoice + the activation codes for your employees.

We offer packages where you give 1 activation code to each individual employee. or packages where you buy one multiuse activation code for all your employees. The latter package has the advantage that it guarantees anonimity for the participant. Upon receiving an activation code, your employee can immediately start his online self-help program during 3 (or 6) months. The codes remain valid during 12 months. Buy your activation codes here now:

Our corporate packs:

  • Package of 10 access codes each giving 3 month access to our self-help program
  • Package of 10 access codes each giving 6 month access to our self-help program
  • Package of one code for 50 users, each giving 3 month access to our self-help program *

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* The benefit of this latter one unique activation code which can be activated 50 times, is the anonymity of the user, because in this formula the company this unique code available to its employees and is neither controlled by those who use this offer only on the some used activation codes.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

In none of the above formulas, any reports toward the employer are required to make it clear that the employer wants to help their employees unconditionally without wanting to gain points in the shape of government, social partner, or third party statistics. The employer can only see how many activation codes are being used and how many are still available for other employees.

The mission of "15Minutes4Me.com" is to truly help employees, and to thereby indirectly improve the efficiency of the company, though without automatic reports because we find the confidentiality and the medical secrecy to be of high importance. We only want to help companies which consider these ethics as important as we consider them to be. In the workspace it quickly becomes clear when a participant becomes more positive, happier, and calmer, thereby improving their marginal value to their team or company.

The participant themselves receives a weekly evolution report with improvement graphs for their own personal use. The participant can choose to share this evolution report within the medical confidentiality with their own doctor, and to discuss it with them. This report is not meant for the employer due to its confidential character.

The advantage for the employer is that they will have happier and stress-free employees, who – according to a scientifically studied and statistically proven method – will gratefully put in effort for their team, company, or organization with love and dedication.

The advantage for the employee is that they, thanks to this investment by their employer, will live a more content life and will work with reduced stress, thereby preventively avoiding the consequences of stress. The employee chooses themselves, or after discussion with their employer, whether they follow the daily "15Minutes4Me.com" session of 15 minutes at home or at work.