Online Self-help Program in 15 minutes per day!

Online self-help in fifteen minutes a day: "15Minutes4Me"!

Our mission is to share our self-help knowledge and experience with the millions of people who suffer from the pressures, expectations and rhythm of our modern society through an affordable online program. We want to give people with stress, anxiety or depression the opportunity to help themselves, live happier lives and regain their zest for life.

Our online program helps you:

  1. devising new solutions.
  2. try out which choices help you and which do not.
  3. practise the best solutions until they are ingrained habits or automatisms.
  4. anchor habits until you can prevent recurrence yourself.

So that you will again:

  1. be satisfied and enjoy your life.
  2. be able to help others around you and make them happy.
  3. live the way you want.

Why choose online help?

  • Our computer program is personalized and developed by doctors.
  • We are online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You don't have to make an appointment. There are no waiting times. You log in when it suits you.
  • You accompany yourself 15 minutes a day for 1 month. If you wish, you can opt for a longer period later on.
  • You help yourself from your seat at home. So no tiring appointments!
  • You can finish the program alone or you can ask a friend or family member to assist you. We will make sure they understand and support you better.

How does it work?

You learn to focus on what works for you and to do more of it and do just less of what doesn't help you.

You get more self-confidence and you start looking for solutions yourself.

How? The program offers:

  • Theory for a good insight and the awareness that you can solve your problem
  • Solution-oriented questions
  • Exercises in self-control to stop negative thoughts
  • Assignments to learn to look at yourself from a distance
  • Video clips with exercises
  • Graphs that map out your solutions
  • Weekly overview of your progress
  • Monthly scientific test + report for your general practitioner

Why should I register for this online self-help service?

  • You don't have to dig up your past again. We work from the present and make sure you have a positive future.
  • You don't have to make an appointment, you can get started right away.
  • You continue with the program whenever you wish.
  • You only share what you want.
  • You will be amazed by the result within a month. According to our new scientific study, if you follow the online self-help program dutifully, you can score better on the self-test test after a month than today. A minority of the participants takes longer.

Treat yourself for fifteen minutes a day and take the step to happiness yourself.

You can always stop at any time! If you are still in doubt, you can first test yourself for free with our self-scan.

Alarm signals

Usually invisible stress is at the root of all kinds of complaints. By solving your stress, you can relieve yourself of the following complaints ...

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Questions and answers

We have put together some frequently asked questions for you. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact us and we will put your question and the answer to it in the F.A.Q.. If you can't find the answer after 10 days, please send us an email again and we'll get it right as soon as possible.

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Participants in the program will discover in a few weeks time which solutions help them to learn to enjoy life again. For each participant the solutions look completely different, but mostly they revolve around the little things in life.

Read some experiences of participants in the self-help program.

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