As a parent you are very much concerned with the raising of your child. This includes the way your school plays a part in this. In many cases, your child gets their educational upbringing at school, and are you not the one to guide him/her in class. The teacher has an important role in the life of the child. Not only in their educational development, but also in their moral development or development of their personality. In short, the teacher is an important person for the child. Just because it is such an important person, you want to have good communication with this person. But what if you cannot seem to agree? What if every attempt turns into a discussion? Read more here about communication with teachers, and how you can improve it.

Communication with the school? The teachers

Communication with the school or with the teachers can be difficult, because your child ends up in a different class every year and thus also gets a different teacher. Especially if your child has special needs or difficulties adapting, it can be difficult for the teacher to know this from the start. During parental contact you try to establish better contact with the teacher by telling them your vision regarding the upbringing of your child. However, this often turns into a discussion, because the teacher has a different idea about this upbringing than you do. What can you do about this, or what can you do to improve the communication between you and the teacher? It often is a good first step to respect each other's opinion. You are indeed the parent, so you know what is best for your child, but at the other hand the teacher also wants that which is best for your child, and he/she has spent years focusing on the development of the child.

Communication with the school? How do I improve the communication?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online program which can help you with improving your communication techniques by reducing your stress and improving your focus. This way, you can work on self-reflection during the conversation, which can make it so that you notice that your communication with the teacher improves. Having stress or being stuck in a communication habit is namely what can make it so that communication fails sometimes.

Communication with the school? Take the stress test!

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