Many people suffer from fatigue. We all sleep poorly some nights, but it can be so that this happens for days or even weeks in a row. What, exactly, are the symptoms of fatigue? WHere does the limit go and do we consider something to be a fatigue? in general we can state that a fatigue is present when the symptoms have more and more of an influence on our life. To know when this might occur exactly, we must first know the symptoms of fatigue. This article sums up the symptoms fatigue, and also gives possible causes and treatment methods.

Symptoms fatigue: symptoms of fatigue

Fatigue often starts with difficulties sleeping or finding it hard to fall asleep. This often occurs for the first time during periods in which you experience stress or are under pressure. In such situations it can be so that you cannot fall asleep and that you wake up several times during the night. This is often the first characteristics of fatigue. After a while, the fatigue also starts to have consequences on your work or in your relationship. It can be so that you keep forgetting things which your colleagues or your boss asked you to do. Maybe you get mad at your partner more easily or snap at them more often. You start to forget things, find it difficult to stay focused, have the feeling that you cannot relax and cry a lot or get mad easily. These are generally known signs of fatigue. It can even be so that you never sleep good at all anymore after a while. You have passed a stressful period, but you still find it difficult to fall asleep, or you wake up a lot during the night.

Symptoms fatigue: treatment of the causes

The most common cause of fatigue is stress. Stress namely makes it so that you find it more difficult, both mentally and physically, to relax. This can make it so that you find it difficult to fall asleep, and will also have other consequences. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in treating your stress. It guides you at the hand of psychological principles to get rid of your stress in the long-term, and to reduce the chances that you will experience such stress again in the future.

Symptoms fatigue: take the stress test

If you want to know to what extent your stress might influence your fatigue or maybe cause fatigue in the future, you can take the free stress test here!