Without knowing it, stress is at the root of many ailments. For example, muscle tension can be linked to stress, but even depression has a link to stress. Stress has a diverse and major impact on our body and mental well-being. So it is helpful to keep an eye on your stress levels. Even without knowing it, stress can lead to increased alertness, which, among other things, can alter your sleeping patterns.

Stress? Possible consequences?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, stress can have a major impact on several functions. Let's start with the impact of stress on the body. It is known that one of the main causes of migraines is stress. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether your neck pain is the cause of your headache or it is migraine. In addition to your neck, stress can cause muscle tension in different parts of your body. The adrenaline released during a stress or anxiety response causes your body to tense up in order to react more quickly. Today, the effects of this chemical reaction can affect various daily functions. For example, you may have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through, but even suffer from ailments as a result of muscle tension.

Besides physical consequences, stress can also have a major impact on your state of mind. In fact, stress is more often linked to gloomy mood, rumination and even anxiety. Thus, stress can play a major role in anxiety problems, but can also have a major impact on burnout symptoms, depression,....

Stress? How do you address your stress?

Because the effects of stress are various and important, it is helpful to look for ways to reduce your stress. 15Minutes4Me.com offers professional help in the form of an online self-help program. This program guides you daily in reducing stress and through awareness techniques, building positive patterns into your life. So discover today what can help you live a more stable and happy life.

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