Borderline gets more and more attention in our modern society. Borderline is a personality disorder, where the people who have it have issues with relationships. They namely easily change their opinion on their interpersonal relationships and find it difficult to maintain them. In some cases they even behave weirdly, so that friends, partners,... might leave the,. This is one of the borderline symptoms, but there are many more. This article sums up the borderline symptoms and also lets you know about possible treatments.

Borderline symptoms: symptoms of borderline

As mentioned earlier, borderline is characterized by difficulties with interpersonal relationships. They find it difficult to maintain friendships or relationships during extended periods of time, and they even find it difficult to think the same way about one person for long periods of time. They namely easily change their opinion. At one moment they adore a person, and in the next moment that person has no value at all. If they are convinced that someone is 'bad', they will often also put down this person. But friendships or relationships are not the only relationships which are affected by easily changing emotions. Even the relationship to oneself is not simple. The image which they have of themselves can differ a lot from time to time. At one moment they find everything about themselves perfect, while they are convinced that they have no value whatsoever at the next moment. Despite of this altering mood, it is so that people with borderline often experience a constant feeling of emptiness. There is something which they cannot fill up, no matter what they do. Finally, people with borderline find it very difficult to control their impulses. This is also the reason why their thoughts and feelings change so quickly and have such a large influence on their relationships. It is so that, when they suddenly change thoughts, they find it difficult to control their impulses to put someone down. As you might imagine, this has a large influence on other people, and not in a good way.

Borderline symptoms: treatment of borderline

Borderline can be treated, but it is also important to treat stress in borderline. Stress can namely make it so that the symptoms of borderline get worse. It can make it so that your impulses or putting people down get worse. The online self-help program helps you with dealing with this stress and also has several other modules which can help you, such as modules which teach you communication techniques.

Borderline symptoms: take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent you level of stress can have an influence on your borderline symptoms, you can take the free online stress test here!