Anxiety has a useful function. It protects us from danger. Anxiety prepares us to respond to danger in a good way. It makes it so that we can respond to danger more quickly, both mentally and physically. However, sometimes anxiety does not have a useful function and just makes it so that we can do things, which are usually normal for us, no longer. Examples are not daring to go outside, which is an issue when you want to buy groceries or hang out with friends. In anxiety disorders we look at unhealthy anxiety. To help you find out if you might have an anxiety, we describe healthy and unhealthy anxiety. Furthermore, this article contains and anxiety test which you can take in order to check your anxiety level.

Anxiety? What is healthy anxiety?

Healthy anxiety is anxiety which helps us respond to danger. For example, when we stand eye to eye with a bear or another dangerous animal. Anxiety will make it so that we decide more quickly what we want to do and that ou body can do this more quickly. In prehistoric times, anxiety made it so that people had larger chances to survive, when confronted with a dangerous situation.

Anxiety? What is unhealthy anxiety?

Unhealthy anxiety is anxiety which stops you from doing daily activities, or activities which you used to be able to do. Unhealthy anxiety makes it so that we feel like there is something in the way. You can no longer do certain things because they make you anxious and might, for example, cause hyperventilation.

Anxiety? How do I treat unhealthy anxiety?

Unhealthy anxiety can be treated at the hand of the online self-help program. The program by 15 Minutes 4 Me guides you in dealing with your anxiety based on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused systematic therapy.

Anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

Would you like to know to what extent anxiety is present in you or what influence anxiety has on your life? Then take the free online anxiety test by 15 Minutes 4 Me!