Most people know that depression includes an overwhelming somber mood, but there is more to it than just that. It namely is so that, except for a somber mood, there are many other symptoms of depression. That is why professionals deal with several criteria regarding depression. When do we consider something to be a depression and when do we not?

The symptoms depression? The symptoms of depression

When we speak of a depression, we generally think of a somber mood, as mentioned before. This somber feeling rules your life. Even when you think that something is funny, you cannot get yourself to laugh. Furthermore you also have the feeling that there is no use in having a future. That is why you often, or why you often want to, stay in bed for days, in some cases think of suicide, and isolate yourself. You no longer see why having contact with others would be useful or you simply no longer feel like having any contact. Most of all you want to stay alone with your thoughts all day long and not do anything at all. From the description above you thus can conclude that, if you are depressed, you isolate yourself a lot and your hobbies and other contact tend to suffer from it.

The symptoms of depression? How do I treat depression?

It is important to treat a depression as early on as possible. Depression can namely leave a type of scar, increasing chances of you getting another depression later on in life. Thus, the chances increase with the amount of depressions you get. You can treat depression at the hand of medication like antidepressants, at the hand of psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy, or at the hand of an online self-help program. The symptoms of depression? Take the free depression test here! Would you like to know which symptoms are applicable to you and to what extent you experience a depression? Then take the free depression test here.