Psoriasis is a skin disease, a chronic immune disease, which is caused by a disruption in the immune system. What do we mean with a disruption in the immune system? This might mean that the immune system is reduced, or that something for some time makes it so that we have a lower immune system. The cause of this reduction or temporary disruption can be many different things. In this article we sum up the causes of psoriasis and we will sum up treatment types for the causes of psoriasis, too.

Causes of psoriasis? Genes!

Often, a link is found between people with psoriasis and a genetic weakness for illnesses regarding the skin. This means that some people are born with the possibility of more easily developing skin diseases. We then see that people with these genes also suffer from psoriasis more often.

Causes of psoriasis? Stress!

Except for genes, the environment can also influence your immune system. For example, when it suddenly gets much colder outside, your immune system weakens and your chances of getting diseases increases. But stress, too, can chronically weaken your immune system. Stress namely does not go away that easily and will cause both your mind and your body to become exhausted. Because of this, you are much more vulnerable to illnesses, causing even psoriasis to possibly develop. Stress can play a large role in the development of psoriasis, because he immune system is chronically decreased, meaning you are vulnerable to diseases for more time. Even if you get rid of psoriasis, it can be so that stress increases the chances of it returning.

Causes of psoriasis? How do I treat it?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps you in dealing with mental factors which can chronically reduce your immune system, such as stress. It helps you to cancel these factors, so that the chance of getting psoriasis or it returning is reduced. If you work on yourself by offering yourself mental stability, your body will go along, and you will notice that your immune system can improve.

Causes of psoriasis? Take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent stress can influence the development of illnesses in you or the development of psoriasis, you can take the free online stress test here.