Do you feel like you are fatigued all the time? You are far from the only person that feels that way. Many Belgians indicate that they are fatigued and that they would like to work on this fatigue. There are some simple tips which you can apply in order to treat your fatigue and to, once again, start living life full of energy!

Tip 1: Reduce your stress

Stress occurs daily for most people. In many cases we are talking about unhealthy stress. This means stress which affects us in a negative way, for example by causing us to experience memory issues. It therefore is useful to work on your level of stress. Stress can namely affects your mood, sleeping pattern, energy level, and thinking capacities.

Tip 2: Deal with exhausting situations

We all know how it is: your boss who asks you to do something extra, that one friend who always wants you to take care of everything. Many people come into contact with "exhausting situations" on a daily or weekly basis. In many cases, people say "yes" to these situations, even though the already are so tired. It is useful to learn to recognize your limits and to be able to, in an assertive way, make these clear to others, too.

Tip 3: Improve your sleeping pattern

This is where the issue lies for many people: their sleeping pattern. In many cases, people are not yet tired enough to be able to sleep, are worrying, or are thinking about what they have left to do. Stress, too, has a large influence on the ability to fall asleep and to sleep through the night. There are different therapeutic techniques to help improve your sleeping pattern, such as mindfulness

Tip 4: Do more sports

I know, nobody likes to hear it: practice more sports. Still it is an important part of working on your fatigue. Sports increase your level of energy and make it so that you, by the time evening comes, want to go to bed more. It is naturally so that sports in the evening are not recommended, because you then become too energetic to be able to fall asleep in a timely fashion.

Tip 5: Allow yourself to rest

Many people now might think: but I already do. You then have to ask yourself how often you are not thinking of anything specific. How often you are just lying in bed or sitting in a chair and think of nothing. Fatigue often comes from the constant activity of the brain, for example through worrying. What should I do tomorrow? What have I forgotten? These are things which people often think about when it is time to relax.

How do I put these tips for fatigue into practise?

It often is difficult to break through the negative cycle of fatigue. That is why there are several therapeutic techniques which can help you to break out of this cycle and to start living life energetically again. 15 Minutes 4 Me therefore developed an online program which on a daily basis helps you to work on your fatigue with the help of:

  1. Relaxation techniques
  2. Assertiveness training
  3. Improving sleeping pattern
  4. Integration of positive elements
  5. Learning to take breaks

Would you like to know how you can personally work on your fatigue? Then take the free self-test here. This test can tell you how you can treat your fatigue. Also, you will receive a video after the test from Paul Koeck, MD, with an explanation of your results.