Work stress increases by 40%, Irish study shows

Work stress increases by 40% in times of economic recession, so a study by the university of Nottingham concludes. This study regarding work stress was published in the scientific magazine 'Occupational Medicine'. This study was done on ten thousand social workers in Ireland. Stress, anxiety, and depression increase

Work stress increases absence from work or absenteeism by 25%

Work stress during economic recession has the consequence that 25% more employees stay home from work because of stress or stress related issues, a second conclusion from this study states.

Work stress in Belgium and the Netherlands

This observation matches that which we notice in the Benelux. The amount of people requiring assistance with dealing with stress is increasing noticeable during this economic crisis. both doctors and therapists as well as our own experience with the online self-help program "15 Minutes 4 Me" conclude that more and more people suffer from the insecurity that is their future.

Work stress is the consequence of insecurity

Insecurity has the consequence that the higher management of organizations themselves also become more insecure, and therefore have a tendency to make panic decisions. This reduces efficiency as a consequence, and thereby increases the objective pressure at work. This increased work pressure leads to higher work stress, and often to poorer economic results.

Work stress because of loss of control

A second mechanism is that insecurity causes a feeling of loss of control. And that subjective loss of control is more of an issue than objective work pressure is, has been confirmed several decades ago by the study by Karasek in Scandinavian employees.

Work stress in restructuring

The same researcher showed that providing consultants to involve employees in restructuring has a positive effect which reduces the damage done. This, too, can be explained by an increased feeling of control at the moment that your opinion is asked for and is considered.

Work stress: measuring with an online self-test

You can measure work stress for free with our stress test which allows you to see if you suffer from work stress. Take this test now!

Paul Koeck, MD