Depression is discussed more and more today. Nevertheless, there are many people, who suffer from depression, but often do not seek appropriate help. This is because they are despondent or often they do not have the tools to seek an appropriate form of help. However, depression is a persistent disease and in most cases does not just disappear on its own. So it can be helpful to think about your options in order to live a healthier life.

Depression? The symptoms!

The most well-known symptom of depression is persistent gloom. People are distraught, seem stuck in a negative spiral and have difficulty getting out of bed. Many people also weep more frequently during depression. With this despondency also often comes isolation. Indeed, many avoid interactions so as not to feel guilty or "stupid" afterwards. However, even non-active behavior can lead to such feelings because "I didn't do anything with my day again, when I should have.

Depression? Treatment!

There are different forms of treatment for depression. The best treatment often depends on the intensity of the treatment. For example, severe depression is best addressed with a combination of medication and therapy. For milder forms, therapy is often recommended as the main treatment. is an online self-help program developed by doctors and psychologists to offer people with milder forms of depression treatment from home. The program is based on cognitive behavioral techniques and takes its inspiration from solution-focused therapy. In this way, the program guides you daily for 15 minutes in reducing depression symptoms and living a healthier life.

Depression? Take the test!

Would you like to know to what extent depression symptoms interfere with your daily functioning? Then take the free depression test here and find out what you can do today to reduce your depression symptoms!