Depression can occur when you are older. The children are leaving home, you retire, ... In short, many changes can occur at a later age. It is not always easy to deal with these changes. That is why depression symptoms in seniors might develop. Depression symptoms in seniors are very similar to depression symptoms in adults. Just like in adults, depression symptoms in seniors include worrying, not wanting to do anything, headache, somber feelings, isolation, ... However, that which is different is that it is difficult to differentiate between problematic behavior and behavior which comes with the age. As you get older, it is normal to choose a more quiet lifestyle. So where does the boundary go for depression symptoms in seniors?

Depression symptoms in seniors? When do we consider a depression to be present?

When we speak of depression symptoms in seniors, we mean that your symptoms go beyond feeling somber sometimes. When you are older, it might be so that you sometimes feel unhappy because you, for example, notice that things are not as easy for you to do as they used to be. It can also be so that you sometimes do not want to go on trips anymore. Things do not go so quickly anymore, and sometimes it can be nice not to have to do anything for a little while. This is an important difference when comparing it to depression symptoms in seniors. If you experience depression symptoms in seniors, this somber feeling will constantly be present. You feel somber all the time for an extended period of time and you never want to do things anymore. This feeling then does not change and is constantly present.

Depression symptoms in seniors? How can I treat this?

For seniors it is not always easy to move a lot in order to contact eventual healthcare. If you do experience depression symptoms in seniors and are able to handle a computer, the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me might be suitable for you. The online program was inspired by therapeutic techniques in order to treat the depression symptoms in seniors and to let you re-discover what it is that makes you happy. You learn to do more of that which helps you and less of that which does not help you.

Depression symptoms in seniors? Take the depression test!

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