One of the most important causes of intestinal problems are disorders which cause intestinal problems. Colitis ulcerosa is one of these. Read more here about the illness.

What is colitis ulcerosa?

Colitis ulcerosa is a disorder where the mucous membrane of your colon regularly gets chronically infected. Despite colitis ulcerosa being an intestinal illness, you can also get symptoms outside of your colon. For example, the illness can cause infections in other parts of your body. Colitis ulcerosa has many traits in common with Crohn's disease.

Just like in other problems, not everyone has the same symptoms. Colitis ulcerosa can cause a large variety of complaints and intensity thereof. It therefore is useful to check out your personal complaints about the illness.

What are the symptoms of colitis ulcerosa?

Colitis ulcerosa can express itself at the hand of several different complaints. As mentioned earlier, not all complaints manifest in the same person. While you suffer from a common illness, the complaints can differ a lot from person to person. Because of that, you find a list below of the most common symptoms of colitis ulcerosa:

  • The feeling that your bowel is still full after having used the bathroom
  • Sudden diarrhea, which often is combined with mucus and blood
  • Rectal pain
  • Constipation
  • Stomach cramps
  • The loss of weight caused by diarrhea or loss of appetite
  • Tired feeling
  • Anemia caused by the loss of blood in stool
  • Difficulties with controlling defecation

The complaints above are complaints of colitis ulcerosa which are caused by issues in the bowel. As mentioned before, the illness can also cause problems and infections in other parts of the body. Below you will find a list of the complaints which can be caused by colitis ulcerosa:

  • Infection of the eyes
  • Infected joints
  • Skin problems
  • Infections in the liver