The Lancet reported a dramatic increase of mental symptoms among population during quarantine, being e.g. low mood (73%), irritability (57%), psychological distress (34%) , trauma (28%) , fear (20%), sadness (18%), guilt (10%), insomnia, depression, PTSD, …. Even more dramatic , were scores among  medical professionals in the front line: 73% scored high on stress-related-symptoms, 51% scored high on depression, 45% on anxiety, 36% on insomnia.

Therapists and mental health workers are overloaded, or in quarantine themselves, unable to see or help all those who need professional mental health care.

The Solution Focused daily online self-help Program therefore expanded its services for Covid-19, quarantine or loneliness-related mental health issues or stress, while starting a research protocol to evaluate effectiveness of Solution focused Self-help for those patients.

If you want to refer some of your patients to this daily online Solution Focused Self-help Program, you can refer them to start with the free online Self-test at / 

We will report you our research results back as soon as we treated over 100 patients during 4 weeks.

Previous research on close to 10.000 patients was presented at the  19th World Congress of Psychiatry 2019 in Lisbon, showing a normalization of stress levels within 21 days with an average stress level decline of -56% in 21 days or -70% in 49 days as you can see in the graph