Help, I think that I have a depression and I do not know how to solve it. Depression is a deep, psychological disorder, which is not easy to solve. Depression spreads in the brain and affects different functions. First off, you will have issues with memory and focus. Then, your positive thoughts will reduce. Finally, even your negative thoughts and feelings will reduce, so that you feel apathetic in the end. Is there a simple way to go about depression solving? No, a depression is never simple to solve. What is important, is the severity of your depression when it comes to treatment. When we consider a minor depression, it is more easily solved. In a major depression however, more time will be needed.

Depression solving: speaking to friends/family

We can go about depression solving through a good talk with friends/family. If the depression is still in a beginning phase, your environment will be able to support you. It can already help to find someone who will listen to you. People are namely herd animals. They like to live together. When you are depressed, it can help to surround yourself with people you like. In some cases, this alone is enough. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people would rather need professional help.

Depression solving: psychotherapy

For some, depression solving is more complex. The depression has been going on for a longer period of time or has advanced into a more advanced stage. For this, professional techniques are needed. This can mean a few sessions or long-term treatment, depending on the client. With psychotherapy, we mean all its kinds: group therapy, online self-help, courses, individual guidance,... You can check for yourself what it is that you feel most comfortable with.

Depression solving: antidepressants

We can solve depression at the hand of medication. Antidepressants are an option in the treatment of depression. This is mainly used in major types of depression, and when depression has been genetically inherited. This means that we have a type of gene, which increases chances of depression developing.

15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me is a type of psychotherapy. It is an online self-help program, which works with you on a daily basis in order for you to treat your depression. It can help with depression solving without you having to go anywhere. Via your computer you receive solution focused questions and videos which can give you new, positive insights. Can 15 Minutes 4 Me solve depression in an effective way? Yes, research namely shows that participants feel 40% happier after 3 weeks.

Depression solving: are you looking for a solution?

You can take our free depression test to check the severity of your depression. After the test, you get your scores right away, and at the hand of these scores you can think about possible solutions.