If you lately feel like you are fatigued, then it is good to take our test. This test namely tells you to what extent you are fatigued and what this can lead to in you. Furthermore, we help you in discovering what you can do about this fatigue in order to get rid of it for now and in the future. This article helps you to place your fatigue and gives you suggestions regarding what it is that you can do against your fatigue now.

Fatigued test? Symptoms of fatigue

Fatigue interacts a lot with stress. This means that fatigue in itself often is a symptom of fatigue, but that fatigue in some cases also can be a symptom in itself. If you are fatigued, you will notice that it is difficult to focus, to remember things, to relax, or sometimes to feel happy. If you are fatigued you will have the feeling that you can never relax, even when you do something which you enjoy. This will, after some time, also have an influence on your mood, causing you to experience more frequent crying fits or a somber feeling in most cases. Fatigue also affects your sleep. You will notice that you fall asleep less easily or that you wake up more often during the night. This will not help you to feel rested. Your fatigue and shallow sleep will namely make it so that you do not get the rest at night which you require, causing you to wake up tired in many cases.

Fatigued test? Treatment of fatigue?

Like in many cases, fatigue is not something which just goes away after a while. It is namely caused by something which gives you a lot of stress, and if you do not take away or treat this cause, your fatigued feeling will return more often than you would like it to. You can also treat your fatigued feeling in a more efficient way, and that is not by removing the cause but rather by dealing with the situation differently, so that you will not be fatigued if the same situation were to occur again in the future. 15 Minutes 4 Me and its online self-help program help you to reach this goal.

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