Do you think that you might have psoriasis or have you gotten the diagnosis from your doctor? Psoriasis is a chronic illness which is caused by problems with your immune system. The illness can be present for a long time. In psoriasis it is also important to pay attention to other factors, which might influence your immune system, as our immune system is what makes you more vulnerable to the illness. In this article we will therefore explain what psoriasis, to give you a better picture of the illness. We will also sum up things which can influence your immune system, so that you can treat the illness yourself in order to prevent worse.

Psoriasis? What is psoriasis? And the symptoms?

As mentioned earlier, psoriasis is an auto-immune illness, which means that the illness is caused by a weakened immune system. Psoriasis is an illness which will cause you to get odd spots on your body, because the keratinocytes in your epidermis will divide more quickly and mature more slowly. This means that the cells do not mature like they should, and therefore flake off in an odd way. It can be so that the illness has its up and downs, that you do not suffer a lot at one point but that it gets really bad after a while again. In psoriasis, the skin renews more quickly than in someone who does not have the illness. Because of this quickness, the structure of the new layer of skin is a bit different from normal, which causes the odd red spots.

Psoriasis? What can I do about it?

The illness is caused by a reduced immune system, or something being wrong in the immune system. To therefore somehow control the illness, you can make it so that your immune system improves or become stronger, so that the symptoms of the illness have less room for appearing. You might even make the illness disappear.

Stress has a large influence on your immune system. It can make you fatigued, cause you a headache,... Have you ever notice that, when you are very stressed, you are suddenly much more vulnerable to illnesses? In that perspective it thus is very useful to treat your stress, so that its influence on your psoriasis also reduces.

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Psoriasis? Take the stress test!

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