It is a scary thought. The first time going to a psychologist, or looking for treatment. Whether you have depression, burnout, anxiety disorder,... , the first step toward treatment is not easy for anyone. Research has shown that only very few people who have been diagnosed with a disorder, look for treatment during that same year. They either only look for treatment years later, or not at all! As a psychological consult, I definitely understand that it is difficult to take the step. Yet, it never really helps you to wait with this.

Treatment? Why is it so difficult?

I know that some people among you might think: 'it is easy for her to say. She herself is in the field.' This is true. I come into contact with clients and psychologists or doctors on a daily basis. I am in the field myself and therefore know what to expect from treatment. That is why I experimented with myself: I imagined that I had to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Even though I am in the field, many questions arose in me:

  • Where do I start looking for a good psychologist or psychiatrist?
  • Whom should I contact
  • What do I tell this person?
  • Does this mean that I am crazy?

This might be a bit odd to hear from someone who works with the subject on an every day basis, but I felt unsure and was not able to answer these questions. Because of this, I understood more and more why it is so difficult to take the step. I was also thinking: 'if I already have all these questions, then what would go through the mind of someone who does not work with this on an everyday basis?'

Treatment? Where can I begin?

In short, I believe that finding suitable treatment is never easy. What I wan to give you now is the feeling that it is okay to be scared or unsure when you are looking for treatment. At the hand of my testimonial, you can see that it definitely is not an abnormal response. This does not, however, mean that you are allowed to give up. While it is easy, it is useful to keep looking, because you deserve it. If you find it too scary to take the stept toward a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can eventually support yourself at the hand of the online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me. 15 Minutes 4 Me specialized itself in the treatment of depression, stress, burnout, and anxiety, but you can also use it as a starting tool to make the step toward getting help easier. If you find that you are able to take the step later on, you can also still follow the program as support. The choice is yours!

Treatment? Take the free stress test!

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