Like many illnesses in the psychological world, fatigue is something which will often not disappear on its own. This means that, if you do not treat your fatigued feeling, chances that you feel better on your own after a while are little. A fatigued feeling can namely lead to worse things if you do not treat it. Read more here about the consequences of fatigue, and how you can treat your fatigued feeling.

Consequences of fatigue?

Fatigue has a major link to stress and depression. Fatigue can namely be a symptom of both depression and stress. Sometimes it can occur on its own. If you treat your fatigued feeling correctly, chances of stress and depression reduce. But if you do not do this, it might be so that your body and mind will be so exhausted after some time that they cannot avoid it from getting worse anymore. For example, think of the poor sleep which you have when you are fatigued, or all the things which you forget. After a while you start to worry about this or your symptoms worsen. These symptoms then no longer fall under symptoms of a fatigued feeling, but under symptoms of stress and depression. In both cases it can be so that you sleep poorly, experience crying fits, or somber moods, that you forget a lot, that you find it difficult to focus,... In short, if you do not treat it, chances of it all getting worse are large.

Consequences of fatigue? Treatment of fatigue

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in treating your fatigued feeling, and thereby helping you to prevent it from getting worse. You are once again in control of what you want to feel and what you do not want to feel. We help you to discover what helps against a fatigued feeling, so that your chances of experiencing a fatigued feeling in the future are reduced as well.

Consequences of fatigue? Take the stress test!

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