Fear of blushing is a specific phobia, where one experiences anxiety when it comes to blushing. Fear of blushing is also often seen as a social phobia, because the anxiety in fear of blushing is generally caused by the fear of embarrassing oneself. If you have fear of blushing you actually just are afraid of the response of people around you toward your blushing. The blushing thus is some type of representation of social lack of comfort and a fear of embarrassing yourself.

Fear of blushing, as the name implies, is mainly characterized by the fear of blushing. This anxiety generally comes forward in social situations, but can also occur when you think of social situations. Fear of blushing occurs a lot when you are actively speaking to someone or when there are many people around you. Thoughts like 'do not embarrass yourself now', 'do not start blushing now' et cetera are constantly running through your head, These thoughts will often lead you to start blushing, however.

When you have fear of blushing you are afraid that people will find you weird because you blush. It thus is not really the blushing itself but rather being embarrassed which lies at the basis of the anxiety. People with fear of blushing are often convinced that blushing is not socially acceptable. As a result thereof you think that if you blush, people will find you weird.

How does fear of blushing influence your life?

Except for the constant preoccupation with blushing, your life will often suffer a lot from fear of blushing. FIrst of all, the constantly recurring thoughts about blushing in themselves are exhausting. They are not really good for your self-esteem and self-image, either.

Furthermore, fear of blushing affects several types of social situations. This means it does not only occur when you go out with friends, but even going to a supermarket can be a whole task. People with fear of blushing also often feel alone. They actively start avoiding social situations which can lead to isolation. We thus do not need to tell you that fear of blushing can have large consequences for your psychological health and wellbeing.

How do you treat fear of blushing?

To efficiently treat fear of blushing you can work on the underlying, negative constructs which lead to fear of blushing. Behavioral therapy is a type of therapy which has already proven itself to be useful in the treatment of different types of anxiety.

"15Minutes4Me.com" is an online self-help program, which combines techniques from behavioral therapy with techniques from systematic therapy, so that you can treat your negative constructs fear of blushing to the largest extent possible. It gives you a versatile perspective on fear of blushing and works together with you on a daily basis on the treatment of the underlying constructs of fear of blushing!

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