Fatigue can develop during all seasons of the year and in all layers of society. Furthermore, forms of fatigue can differ a lot because of the manifestation of different symptoms and because of the different causes which lie at the basis of the fatigue. However, there are some basic symptoms and causes which we can identify which seem to be present in most people. One of theses symptoms is worrying. Worrying can be both a symptom and a cause, as it also occurs in other mental problems, such as depression and stress.

What is worrying?

Worrying is repeatedly thinking about the same elements, without coming to a solution. You also experience difficulty shutting down the train of though once it has begun. This makes it so that you are sometimes still awake after having been in bed for hours, worrying about one single subject.

Worrying? The influence on fatigue?

Because our brain cannot find any rest, it is hard for the body to find rest, too. Sometimes this leads to you only being able to fall asleep a long while after you have worried. Worrying can thus shorten our sleeping hours drastically.

When you sleep restlessly, you can also experience that you wake up several times throughout the night. This is awful for your mental and physical health, since this shallow sleep does not contain enough deep sleep and REM-sleep. This sleep is what causes our mental and physical refreshment, making it so that you feel awake in the morning and ready to face a new day. However, when you only experience shallow sleep, chances are that you wake up feeling fatigued and without much energy throughout the day.

Worrying? How does one treat worrying?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you daily from home in dealing with and treating your worrying behavior, thus handling fatigue and other issues linked to your worrying. The program was developed by doctors and psychologists to teach you step by step how you can change unhealthy habits such as worrying in an efficient manner into healthy habits, so that you can lead a happier life!

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