Hoe voorkom je rugklachten? How do you prevent back complaints?

The Edegem osteopath Francis Weyts wrote his first book, 'SOS Rug' (SOS Back, in English) regarding the medical treatment of back complaints. Useful? Yes, because 80% of the population comes into contact with it at some point. In this book, he answers the three most important questions which many back patients struggle with: How do you prevent back complaints? What is the cause of your back complaints? What is the correct treatment? Francis Weyts got most of his fame in the ballet world, where dancers ask a lot from their back when it comes to pressure and efforts to keep in shape. Actors, dancers, and artists let him take care of their back if something goes wrong, and his book gives insights and tips regarding prevention. I know his work partially from own experience, because he saved by back from back ache. Also, because we regularly send patients to each other. Francis Weyts removes the physical stress and pain from their back, while our program guides them in building up inner peace. Both his 'golden hands' and his 'golden book' are very valuable when you suffer from back complaints. If you have back ache: his book was published by publisher Linkeroever. Enjoy the de-stressing of your back!

Paul Koeck, MD