Sign up today, because then you can expect the following results after 1 month:


  1. More contentment (+40% ➚) because you learned to enjoy the little things in life
  2. More energy because you learned to stimulate certain parts of the brain
  3. More joy and happiness in life because you do more fun things
  4. More optimism because you have learned to look at reality in a different way
  5. More perspective because you have gotten to know a different side of yourself
  6. Better sleep because of our sleeping exercise
  7. Clear mind because you learned to think in a clear and solution focused way once again
  8. Better ability to focus because your brain cells have been able to rest once again
  9. Better solutions to your problems because you can once again think creatively
  10. Better relationships with your loved ones because you learned to communicate from inner peace
  11. Better memory because you learn to solve the stress which suppresses your memory
  12. More self-control over your thoughts, behavior, and feeling because of our self-reflection and exercises
  13. More mindful life because you learned to focus your attention on the present
  14. More insight in the mechanism of stress because of our theory videos with explanation by Paul Koeck, MD
  15. More self-confidence because you, yourself, see results and get positive feedback from your surroundings
  16. More self-awareness because you learn to think in a solution focused way about what it is that helps you
  17. More success in the things which you do because you will work more clearly and focused on goals
  18. More focus on your main goals because you learn the habit of keeping your focus on your priorities
  19. More support from your direct environment because you can invite supporting figures who will help you and understand you better thanks to our support guidance of your support figures
  20. Better communication skills because you are more relaxed and because of the skills which we teach you in the videos
  21. Better sexual relationship with your partner because you are less tense and will be more open to this
  22. More love and friendship because your mind will once again be free to give love
  23. More love and friendship because you will radiate that positive energy which attracts love



  1. Less stress (-77% ➘), tension (-75% ➘), anxiety (-72% ➘) or depression (-81% ➘) because you have broken out of the vicious cycle
  2. Fewer problems, complaints, or symptoms because you deal with things in a different way
  3. Less worrying because you have learned how to stop your negative thoughts with our anti-worrying exercise
  4. Fewer anxiety or panic attacks because of our anti-panic exercises
  5. Fewer hyperventilation attacks because of our breathing exercises
  6. Less urge to give in to addictive habits because you have developed more enjoyable habits
  7. Reduced chance of relapse because you have learned how to prevent relapse
  8. Less issues with pain because your pain sensitivity reduces through the reduction of your stress
  9. Fewer physical complaints or illnesses because you have broken out of your central stress mechanism
  10. Less often exhausted because you have learned a healthier lifestyle
  11. Less tired because you learn to put less pressure on your body and brain because of new insights


… and all of this is as good as effortless, because "" is not a course but rather a support program which takes you by the hand, step by step so that you never have to take too large steps at once, while you still move forward quickly. This makes it so that you do not lose hope and still remain motivated, at times where you might have wanted to give up in the past. In this Internet program you choose your own goals from this list, so that you realize your own priorities step by step.

Today, you can choose to put off the decision, or to choose to take your life back into your own hands today so that you can enjoy your first results as soon as in a month.


How does the program go, practically speaking?

  1. Daily 15 minutes of self-help online
  2. Weekly videos with explanation, theory, and tips
  3. Weekly new practical exercises
  4. Weekly short, simple tasks
  5. Weekly graphs with your development
  6. Weekly evaluation with report for your doctor
  7. Weekly guided support from a supporting figure, if you want this: family, partner, friend


What do you have to do to start today?

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  6. Enjoy, within a few days or weeks, the difference which already occurs in your life!