Many people suffer from overworked symptoms without knowing it. Often, overworked symptoms also occur as initial stages of worse mental problems. Thus, it is not always easy to distinguish between overwrought symptoms and other mental problems and, moreover, to recognize these overwrought symptoms.

Often, overwrought symptoms arise as a result of a major event, but even more often from a stressful period. During these periods, we often have lower resistance, both physically and mentally, due to the chronic stress, which we feel daily. After a while, this can trigger overwrought symptoms, creating a snowball effect.

To help you recognize overworked symptoms in time, here we list the most important overworked symptoms for you. Moreover, at the end of the article, you can also find how you can get rid of these overwrought symptoms now and, moreover, prevent these symptoms from having another chance in the future!

Overworked symptoms? How do I recognize overworked symptoms?

Just as mentioned earlier, overworked symptoms are not always easy to recognize. They often creep into your life. At first, they are often barely noticeable, but if they persist for a while, they can greatly affect your daily functioning and happiness.

The main overworked symptoms are the following:

  • Sleep problems; both falling asleep and sleeping through
  • Gloomy or irritable mood
  • Increased stress level
  • Sweating
  • Concentration problems
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings
  • Accelerated heart rate

If these overworked symptoms persist for a long period of time, it can possibly lead to worse mental problems such as depression or even burnout, for example.

Treat overwrought symptoms? How do you get rid of your overwrought symptoms?

It may be that if your symptoms were only present for a short period of time, they will go away on their own once the stressful period is over. However, it is more common for overworked symptoms to gain ground and each time they strongly affect your daily functioning and happiness. At such times, it is helpful to seek professional help.

My Quarter is an online self-help program that guides you daily in addressing overworked symptoms. Developed by doctors and psychologists, it helps you work daily from home to reduce your overworked symptoms, lower your psychological vulnerability and works on relapse prevention.

Take control of overwrought symptoms today and discover your path to happiness!

Test overworked symptoms?

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