The asperger syndrome is a less well-known type of autism. It also has a different way of showing itself than autism does. Often you notice that something is off about people who have it, but it is not always clear that they have the asperger syndrome. You can often not recognize people with asperger syndrome as easily as people with autism. This is because people with the asperger syndrome find it easier to adapt to rules or people, because they have an average to high IQ. This, as compared to people with autism, who have a low IQ. This article sums up several symptoms of asperger syndrome and what can help people to handle these symptoms, as well as what kind of treatment they could find to be useful.

Asperger syndrome: symptoms

As mentioned earlier, people with asperger syndrome have an average to high IQ. THat is why they often suffer less from symptoms which are otherwise typical to people with autism. The asperger syndrome, just like autism, is characterized by issues with communication and flexibility. Daily things can thus become difficult for people with asperger syndrome. For example, taking the bus or speaking to fellow students/colleagues. But because of their high IQ, people with asperger syndrome can often understand and hide their symptoms more easily. They learn more quickly and therefore understand what is expected of them when, for example, the father of a friend passes away. Furthermore, people with the asperger syndrome often have a fascination with one certain hobby. Despite their high intellect, compared to people with autism, they still find daily communication more difficult than people without the syndrome. Despite the effort they put into trying to adapt. Because of this reason, people with the asperger syndrome often attach to one specific hobby, because this is easy to understand. You will often notice that people with the asperger syndrome compare daily happenings or feelings with terms/situations from their hobby, in order to express themselves.

Asperger syndrome: treatment

Because daily things, communication, and flexibility often are difficult for people with asperger syndrome, it is often useful for them to follow treatment to deal with their stress. All the adaptations they make can cause a lot of stress, which can worsen the symptoms. '' developed an online self-help program which guides you in dealing with your stress and helping you to improve your communication techniques.

Asperger syndrome: do the stress test!

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