Do you feel fatigued lately? That you cannot relax and experience too much stress? It could be so that you have a fatigue. Often people say they are fatigued or that they have bit off more than they can chew, but what does this mean - and more importantly, where can this lead? Read more here about the symptoms of fatigue and what its consequences can be.

Fatigued? Symptoms of fatigue

If you have a fatigue, you generally experience a lot of stress. Fatigue namely means that you have gone too far, that you have done more than your body and mind could handle and that they now make it clear to you that you have gone past your limits. You are often tired when you have a fatigue and you also forget things more often. Stress and tiredness can namely cause problems with your memory, and even trouble your focus. You will then notice that you cannot stay concentrated for extended periods of time, or that you are easily distracted. As you will notice, this feeling of fatigue gets worse over time. Like other mental illnesses, fatigue is something that does often not go away by itself, without your interference. After a while, fatigue can lead to depression, a burnout or heavy stress. You will notice that the symptoms of fatigue stack up and that you experience new symptoms after some time, like feeling somber or extra tired.

Fatigued? How do I treat my fatigue?

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Fatigued? Do the stress test!

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