Most people know the most well-known form of asperger: autism. Autism is a developmental disorder, with the most important symptoms being: a slowed development, difficulties with social situations and difficulties with flexible behavior. The asperger syndrome has similar symptoms, but there are a few differences. The most important difference is the slowed development. This article explains more about the asperger syndrome, will compare this to autism, but also tells you something about other things which may influence the illness.

Asperger: slowed development?

Contrary to autism, there is no slowed development. People with asperger have a normal or even high IQ. Furthermore, the language deficit which characterizes autism, is not present in asperger. You can express yourself properly. Also, people with asperger are also more likely to follow classes in a normal school, compared to people with autism. They namely do not suffer from slowed development, meaning they find it easier to adapt.

Asperger: limited interests?

People with asperger do have limited interests. They can find one hobby which they are completely devoted to. They know all about it, and will compare many things to their hobby. They namely know a lot about their hobby and understand it. So if they want to explain something to you which they find to be difficult, it is easier for them to compare it to this hobby.

Asperger: social limitations?

Just like in autism, people with asperger find it difficult to create and maintain social contacts. That is why it is more difficult for them to find friends. A difference is that people with asperger find it easier to be with people than people with autism find it to be. They do not always understand the unspoken rules of contact, but their intellect makes it so that they find it easier to adapt and know that is expected from them than people with autism.

Asperger: stress?

People with asperger can indeed experience a heightened amount of stress, as daily things which we find normal, sometimes require a lot of effort for them. This mainly goes for learning new things or getting to know new people, which are things which can cause a lot of stress for them.

Asperger: how do I treat it?

To get asperger diagnosed or to get a follow-up, it is best to speak to your doctor about possibly psychiatrists whom you can contact. When you want to handle stress or learn communication techniques, you can find help in the online self-help program.

Asperger: test your stress, depression, anxiety!

To measure to what extent you experience stress, depression, and anxiety, you can at any time do our free online stress test. After 5 minutes or so, you will be sent to a page with your personal scores!