Do you think that you are anxious too often? Do you notice that you sometimes are afraid of things which other people find bizarre? Anxiety can show itself in many different ways. For example, someone might be anxious about going outside. Another might be anxious about staying indoors. Anxiety can be caused by many different things, but in general the symptoms of anxiety all are similar. To inform your about anxiety we will describe the most common symptoms of anxiety so that you can check for yourself if you might have an anxiety disorder. Furthermore, we also mention where you can take an anxiety test in this text, which will tell you to what extent your anxiety is irrational or to what extent anxiety has an effect on your life.

Anxiety? The symptoms

When you are confronted with that which makes you anxious, you will notice that your body often is the first thing that responds. With this we mean that your pupils dilate, you start to sweat, your breathing becomes shallow,... Your body gets you ready to respond to a dangerous situation. Your heart will also start to beat more quickly, which is why many people with anxiety disorders suffer from heart palpitations. Furthermore, the following symptoms also often occur: you feel like you are losing control over your body and might even feel like you are an outsider who is looking at what it is that is happening to your body. We can thus generalize two types of symptoms. First there are the physical symptoms, which is how your body responds to the anxiety. This includes dilation of the pupils and your heart beating faster. Then there are the psychological symptoms, which is how your mind responds to the anxiety. Examples are losing the feeling of having control over yourself or feeling like you are looking at yourself from an outsider's perspective. These are namely responses which your brain has.

Anxiety? Treatment!

What can you do in order to treat your anxiety and to create habits which reduce your anxiety? 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which can help you in dealing with your anxiety. The program helps you to treat your anxiety at the hand of systematic and solution focused techniques.

Anxiety? Test your anxiety here!

If you want to know to what extent your anxiety might affect your life, you can take the free online anxiety test here. You will get your results as soon as you are done!