Do you feel depressed? Have you not been up to doing much lately? Do you worry a lot? Then it might be so that you suffer from depression. Depression entails much more than just being down or somber Depression has a large influence on your life. Not only your work can suffer from depression but your hobbies, social life et cetera as well. Depression has a negative influence on your relationships, too, in most cases. Because you are tired, somber and agitated, it can be so that you are no longer yourself. Except for being somber, depression thus has a large influence on your life. To consider a depression, symptoms like the ones below must be present for at least 2 weeks:

  1. Somber mood
  2. Worrying behavior
  3. Issues sleeping
  4. Crying fits
  5. Poor self-esteem
  6. Isolation behavior
  7. ...

If you want to know more about the phenomenon depression, you can always take a look at our depression page. This page will tell you more about the symptoms of depression, how depression develops, how many people suffer from depression. It will also help you with selecting proper treatment for your depression. This page was made in collaboration with doctors and psychologist in order to give you a full picture of depression and to help you with taking a small step in the right direction. The first step toward treating depression is always the most difficult one. By looking for information yourself, you already have taken a large step toward treatment.

Depression treatment in small steps?

Minor types of depression can be treated with small steps. Do you not have the motivation to contact a healthcare provider? Then you are welcome here for online treatment. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online program which guides you on a daily basis at the hand of therapeutic techniques. From research it has been shown that the average participant needs 6 weeks in order to render their depression symptoms 'harmless'. 15 Minutes 4 Me thus offers an alternative type of healthcare provision where people who find the step toward 'face-to-face' healthcare can also get treatment. It is also possible to follow the program combined with treatment from a healthcare provider. This way you get both therapy and daily guidance.

Depression testing?

You can take our free depression test here in order to get an overview of the severity of your depression symptoms. Afterwards, Paul Koeck, MD, gives an explanation of the results and what you can do.