Fear of heights is a type of anxiety, which differs from other types of anxiety. In most people, fear of heights will not have any large consequences, but sometimes fear of heights can also have extreme consequences. Why is fear of heights different from most types of anxiety? Because fear of heights is partially caused by our history as humans. Fear of heights to some extent has, historically speaking, a lot of use. Height namely used to stand for larger chances of dying. That is why nature gave us fear of heights in order to survive. Is it because of this good to experience fear of heights? No, because height has received a new dimension in our society. When we have to climb to large heights, this is a lot less dangerous than it was in the past. There now are tools available which reduce risks of falling. Furthermore, it hardly even happens that we have to climb up to anything, thanks to technology and improvements.

Fear of heights: how to recognize fear of heights?

Everyone finds heights unpleasant. Only the severity of fear can differ a lot from person to person. A normal type of fear of heights is preferring to remain on the ground, but not being very fearful if you happen to find yourself at a height. If you experience fear due to fear of heights, you might experience the following symptoms when going up or while at a height:

  • Worrying
  • Constant nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular tension

So, it can be so that your entire body tenses up when you have to climb or even when you just think of heights. Sometimes people do not even need to actually be at a height in order to experience anxiety, but even just thinking about it is enough. If you suffer from fear of heights and this has extreme forms, it can even be so that your anxiety becomes more general with time.

Fear of heights: how do I deal with fear of heights?

You can treat fear of heights at the hand of different types of care. The type of care which suits you personally will depend on your preferences and the extent to which you experience anxiety. 15 Minutes 4 me was developed by doctors and psychologists and developed an online self-help program, to guide people with fear of heights in treating their fear of heights. The program guides you on a daily basis and helps you to break out of the vicious cycle of anxiety, so that you are no longer slowed down by anxiety.

Fear of heights: take the anxiety test!

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