Burnout, stress, anxiety, or depression: overcoming it with online self-help: interview with Paul Koeck, MD, on Radio 1

24 June, 2015

PaulKoeck-Pers-PasFoto-2014“We have analyzed several patients who have followed the program, and to my pleasant surprise, we see that over half of them have experienced a stress reduction of over 50% by their third week.”
Listen to the entire Dutch interview here:: [jwplayercache config=”radio_autostart” playlistid=”7487″ ]

About the writer
Dr. Paul Koeck
has his practice as a physician, stress counselor and therapist in Antwerp. As an author, he published a number of books and lectures, trainings and workshops in stress management, both for individuals and for companies, universities and governments. You can email him via the contact form.
Date: June 24, 2015, Author: Dr. Paul Koeck

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