Tiredness can sometimes persist for a long period of time. If tiredness persists for such a long period of time this does not only have several consequences, but it also often indicates a deeper issue. Stress and even anxiety or depression can cause tiredness. Shot-term tiredness does not generally have any severe consequences. However, if tiredness persists, this can lead the body and mind to grow weaker. Tiredness makes you more vulnerable for illnesses, but will also affect your daily life.

How do I recognize 'pathological' tiredness?

Tiredness can show itself in different cases. Experiencing a short night is not something which is abnormal. Even if you have several short nights in a row, this does not necessarily mean that you have larger issues. Tiredness also often occurs during stressful situations or periods. For example, a promotion, or moving. This does not indicate a 'pathological type of tiredness', either. However, if you are tired for an extended period of time, this might indicate deeper issues. For example, if you moved quite some time ago, but the tiredness has not gone away even though several weeks have passed. It is often difficult to find your rest again after a stressful period. A strong indication of a deeper issue in tiredness is issues sleeping caused by worrying. If you worry for several weeks in a row, this does not mean that you have a depression, but it might still be useful to treat your worrying behavior. The longer you wait to treat your tiredness, the longer it will take you to deal with the tiredness.

Tiredness treatment? How do I get my energy back?

By dealing with underlying issues of tiredness, you can effectively find a solution for your tiredness. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which supports you in dealing with your tiredness. On a daily basis you get exercises and insights to deal with your underlying symptoms. Would you like to test if your tiredness might be based on deeper issues or if there are certain consequences of your tiredness? Then you can take the free stress test here.